Nexec services

The expertise needed for changes, their execution and the development of your company’s operating models

Our specialists implement projects through a combination of services and their components. Each project is implemented according to the customer’s individual needs, taking into account the specific goals and premises involved.

Our services offering is built around our idea of how the development of operating models is usually linked to various aspects of business operations. The goal can be the development of a single area or complete update of the company’s operating model. Nexec offers a solution based on years of experience. Nexec’s network has especially strong expertise in integrating IT-solutions to development, change and deployment projects.

Our services purposefully overlap and are built on practical experience from countless projects. The final consultancy package will always be tailored to the assignment.

Our services are defined as entities representing the typical perspectives in the development of operating models:

  • People: Coaching, guidance, training, competence finding, resourcing and recruitment
  • Technology: Technology architectures, service management, Data Centre and development of Cloud services, ICT infrastructure, end-user services, infrastructures and supplier management
  • Processes: Architectures, process development, applications, concepts and quality, environment and health and safety management systems
  • Structures: Management systems, governance models, organizational models, business architectures and preliminary studies
  • Change: Implementation of outsourcing and business restructuring, project management, project offers, portfolio management and project resourcing

People & Leadership

  • Guidance, mentoring, coaching
  • Management and executive coaching
  • Change management
  • Finding and evaluating specialists
  • Fast precision recruitment
  • Resource hiring (management and specialist tasks)
  • Tailored training

Technologies and infrastructures

  • Architecture development, Technology (ICT) and infrastructures
  • IT Service Integration and Management (SIAM) Data Centre and cloud service development and change management
  • ICT infrastructure development and management
  • End-user service development
  • Creation and deployment of virtual work environments
  • Enhancement of supplier management
  • Utilization of technology in the office space infrastructure

Processes, information and applications

  • Architecture development, Process, information and application architectures
  • Current state evaluations and preliminary studies
  • Development of process and office concepts
  • Information modeling
  • Information specification and implementation
  • Application development, configuration and management
  • Creation and deployment of ERP systems, quality, environment, health and safety management systems

Structures and governance models

  • Specification and deployment of governance models and management systems
  • Change program planning
  • Organizational development
  • Development and specification of business concepts
  • Operating model and corporate architecture design
  • Ensuring the continuity of business

Change Programs

  • Project management
  • Change management and communications
  • Implementation of corporate restructuring and outsourcing
  • Project management and setting up project offices
  • Development portfolio management
  • Deployment and management of development and project management methods
  • Project resourcing with the required expertise