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Nexec Oy

Kurkihirrentie 3
02330 Espoo


Business ID: FI19115588

Nexec partners:

Tapio Joenpolvi
+358 40 761 6515

Tapio Niskanen
+358 50 507 6970

Nexec office:

Ville Hietikko
+358 40 526 2899

Lea Joenpolvi
+358 40 526 7115

Eeva Pihlajamäki
+358 40 771 5328

Jari Hahl
+358 50 593 9135

The Nexec Network

People are Nexec’s heart and main resource. Our ability to serve customers is based on our ability to find, recruit, retain and train top consultants.

Nexec is a cost-efficient and agile company operating according to genuine network model. In the Nexec community, consultants get a fair share of the value they create. In addition to sales and marketing, we develop consultancy firms, cooperation between consultants and the structure of our network. We actively participate in our projects as a company.

Our network mainly consists of independent professionals, entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized several different fields, such as:

  • Project management
  • Corporate and/or IT infrastructures and applications
  • Function or industry specific experience of companies or organizations

Would you like to join the Nexec Network? Send us your CV or LinkedIn contact, and we’ll get in touch.

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